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MARC, Inc. Turns Mug Collection into Virtual Gold

When MARC Virtual Day Services launched in March 2020, Kelly Rametta, Community Outreach Liaison, turned her collection of coffee mugs into virtual gold!

"Traveling Coffee Mugs with Kelly" began as a daily Zoom session for people served and staff. Airing from her kitchen, Kelly shared fun facts about destinations linked to the mugs in her personal collection. Each day one attendee selected the destination for tomorrow. By the time the MARC staff returned to the office from isolation at home, Kelly had done 70 continuous sessions. She took the MARC family on journeys to England, Paris, Australia, Las Vegas, Texas and Hartford, just to name a few.

Upon her 70th session, it was time for Kelly to pick her favorite mug, and she felt the most appropriate mug was the one with the following quote: “Begin each day with a grateful heart.” Befitting, because while we were all socially distant and staying at home, this is exactly what her daily attendees had been doing right along. Most of the people served, staff and community members shared they’re thankful for their health, family, friends, and for MARC, Inc. of Manchester.

"Traveling Coffee Mugs with Kelly" is now reaching homes of the community members of the Town of South Windsor on a monthly basis. Community members select the mug to travel to for the following month, and off they go sharing stories and learning something new about a different destination.

Kelly shared “I always loved the idea of my family and friends picking a place where they want to travel to while enjoying a morning coffee or a mug of hot cocoa. Welcoming the MARC family into my home every day warmed my heart. It allowed me to share fond memories, listen to their experiences and get to know them more each day. It truly brought me closer to those I already call family.”

What do you collect? Which destination do you want to travel to? What does your favorite mug look like? Kindly share with us in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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