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MARC, Inc.

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MARC, Inc.​​

MARC, Inc. provides the opportunity for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to lead meaningful lives of independence, choice, inclusion, and continuous personal growth. Through our services, each individual has the opportunity to live, work, enjoy, and contribute to their community, according to their individual choices and abilities. We provide residential, senior center, employment, Day Service Options (DSO) with work, DSO Shannon’s Place, recreational and respite, and advocacy services tailored to each individual.


MARC, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality services to the individuals we support. Through a wide variety of activities, our people served are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of community life. This promotes positive experiences for our participants and fosters the understanding that every person, regardless of their ability, contributes to a rich and vibrant community.


MARC, Inc. provides the following services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities:


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