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Recreational Services

MARC, Inc.’s REC program provides short-term small-group outings and activities for individuals enrolled in MARC, Inc.'s Day Services who reside in the home with their parent or guardian. This service offers a wide variety of different activities throughout the community and beyond, allowing participants to pursue personal interests that were not easily achieved or readily available to them before. 

  • People living at home benefit from enriching activities, while providing family members and guardians with much needed breaks

  • There is no age limit for participation


Activities include: 

  • Cultural Events 

  • Theme Parks & Fairs

  • Cooking & Baking Workshops

  • Health & Wellness Activities 

  • Dances & Parties 

  • Museums & Art Galleries

  • Hiking, Fishing, & Other Outdoor Activities

  • Sporting Events

  • And Much More!!!


To sign up for a scheduled REC activity, click on the “Sign Up for an Event” link below! If you have questions or need assistance signing up for an activity, please reach out to our Recreation Coordinator, Lucas, via email at or call 860-646-5718 x187

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