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Project SEARCH is a unique, business-led, nine month internship program that takes place entirely in the work place. The program allows each student with a disability to be immersed in a workplace setting giving hands on experience that will increase their skills and abilities. These skills and abilities will enhance their chances at real competitive work and reaching their ultimate goals.


1.     Adults with disabilities, ages 22+.

2.     Strong desire to work & demonstrate the potential for competitive employment.

3.     Residents in Eastern CT with access to reliable transportation.

4.     Must have received a high school diploma or completed GED. 

5.     Adults receiving DDS funding for employment services.

Benefits for Students & Families

  • Provides post-secondary training and internship experience at no cost to students or families.

  • Creates opportunities to work in a high –status organization within the community

  • Concentrates on developing intern strength areas.

  • Works towards independence in areas such as transportation, self-advocacy, health, and wellness, financial literacy, etc.

  • Provides linages to vocational rehabilitation, developmental disability, and other post-secondary support agencies.

  • Provides opportunities to explore a variety of employment options through multiple internships.

  • Provides opportunities to build job-specific and employability skills

  • Delivers transition services in inclusive settings

Contact Us!


Randi Hewitt

Project SEARCH Coordinator


(860) 646-5718 ext. 282

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