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Who We Are

Project SEARCH is a unique business-led, nine-month program that takes place in the workplace. Participants are immersed in a workplace setting which facilitates a seamless combination of classroom activities, career exploration, and hands-on training through internship rotations. The program culminates in individualized job development with the end goal being competitive integrated employment in the community.  

Eligibility Criteria

  • Adults with disabilities, ages 22+.

  • Strong desire to work & demonstrate the potential for competitive employment.

  • Residents in Eastern CT with access to reliable transportation.

  • Must have received a high school diploma or completed GED. 

  • Adults receiving DDS funding for employment services.

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Benefits for Students & Families

  • Provides post-secondary training and internship experience at no cost to students or families.

  • Creates opportunities to work in a high –status organization within the community.

  • Concentrates on developing intern strength areas.

  • Works towards independence in areas such as transportation, self-advocacy, health, and wellness, financial literacy, etc.

  • Provides linages to vocational rehabilitation, developmental disability, and other post-secondary support agencies.

  • Provides opportunities to explore a variety of employment options through multiple internships.

  • Provides opportunities to build job-specific and employability skills.

  • Delivers transition services in inclusive settings.

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