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Day Service Option (DSO)

MARC, Inc. provides diverse day service options that include work, leisure activities, and community experiences that allow individuals to have fullfilling days that are tailored to each person's needs.

DSO Shannon's Place

We provide our participants with quality leisure activities and community participation opportunities that encourage independent decision making by each participant. We provide excellent direct care to ensure our participants enjoy a happy, healthy day.  


We also provide one to one services to individuals. During the day, there is a wide variety of on-going individual and group activities such as arts and crafts, exercise, dancing, bingo, board games, outside sports, X-BOX interactive video games, iPad games, movies, and fitness activities. For those who wish quieter moments, we offer an area filled with comfortable recliners and a large screen TV. We often have exciting holiday parties and birthday celebrations.


Our participants tour many area farms, visit nearly all the museums and historical landmarks in the state and even tour various businesses. Other destinations include shopping malls, out for break and lunch, various nature activities, movies, bowling, and craft shopping.  We even go to the circus and baseball games!


Shannon’s Place DSO also offers several exciting special interest opportunities that encourage a deeper level of community involvement.


We go to a local McDonald’s every week for bingo. 


We also volunteer for Crayons for Cancer, with proceeds going to the Children’s Hospital.

DSO with Work

The DSO with Work is always busy, providing individuals with in-house work that is tailored to each person's skill and abilities.

Some of our major jobs include cleaning and packaging safety glasses for Pratt & Whitney, assembling U-Bolts for Empire Industries, shredding for individuals & businesses, and preparing mailings for MARC & the town.

Besides our work, we also provide unique opportunities to our individuals, including trips to museums and other community-based experiences. 

If you are interested in shredding, please contact Glorimar at 860-646-5718 ext. 284.



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