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The Ann Mazur Senior Center at MARC, Inc. believes in offering every Senior an opportunity for personal growth and self-expression while providing individualized care.

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Welcome to the Ann Mazur Senior Center at MARC Inc. We provide our seniors with quality leisure activities and community participation opportunities that encourage independent decision making by each participant.  Our staff is competent and highly trained in CPR, First Aid, and a variety of nursing delegated duties. They can also be certified by DDS in Medication Administration.  We provide excellent direct care to ensure our Seniors enjoy a happy, healthy day. As our Seniors age, some will require more hands-on supports for their personal care.


Our staff enjoys providing a wide variety of activities to choose from during the day. Some activities are designed for groups, while others are tailored to meet individual interests and preferences.  We strive to have activities for everyone to be engaged in that stimulate creativity and create meaningful experiences. Some of our Seniors have specific PT/OT programs that our staff ensure are followed on a daily basis. We typically have a ratio of one staff to four Seniors for activities. Every month, seniors receive a calendar of daily activities to keep them informed of the fun times ahead.


During the day, there is a wide variety of on-going individual and group activities such as arts and crafts, exercise, dancing, bingo, board games, outside sports, X-BOX interactive video games, iPad games, movies, and fitness activities. There is even a piano to play and a billiard table!  For those who wish quieter moments, we offer an area filled with comfortable recliners and a large screen tv.

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