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Employment Services

MARC, Inc. Employment Services provides work opportunities to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing necessary supports tailored to each individual.

MARC, Inc.'s Employment Services offer diverse career opportunities to over 100 individuals with supports tailored to each person's needs.

Employment Services

Employment Services

MARC Inc. works closely with the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) to provide the following Employment Services:

Supported Employment - allows participants to work in competitive job environments while earning a paycheck. It includes assisting our participants with job search and placement and is conducted in a variety of work settings.  Our participants are integrated alongside co-workers without disabilities to perform their assigned work duties.  Supervision, employment supports, and training from our staff are provided to sustain work in the community.



Group Supported Employment  - provides employment supports to a group of individuals who work in the community, performing various tasks while earning wages. Each group has a Supervisor who assists them at the job site and ensures tasks are performed to the employer’s expectations.  In our Mobile Work Crews, a group of participants work in a variety of locations and travel to a number of work sites during the day under the continuous supervision of an Employment Specialist (Job Coach).



Individualized Supported Employment - is a supported employment placement strategy in which an Employment Specialist (Job Coach) places a participant into competitive employment through a job discovery process, provides training and support and then gradually reduces time and assistance at the work site.  This service may also include development and on-going support for self-employment.  Working with the participant, this assistance consists of:

  • Create/Update Employment Resumes

  • Interview Preparedness Skills

  • Job Development

  • Work Evaluations

  • Career Observations

  • On the Job training

  • Employer Relations

  • Job Coaching/Supports


Individualized Day Supports Vocational - provides supports to participants tailored to his/her specific needs related to the acquisition, improvement, and retention of skills and abilities to be competitively employed.

Project Search - a unique, business-led, nine month internship program that takes place entirely in the work place. The program allows each student with a disability to be immersed in a workplace setting giving hands on experience that will increase their skills and abilities. These skills and abilities will enhance their chances at real competitive work and reaching their ultimate goals.

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