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Break the Stigma

Did you know that May was Mental Health Awareness Month? As we continue to come to grips with the COVID pandemic, our mental health is especially important. Individuals, including the people we serve, struggle to find a normalcy in what is an otherwise very not-normal world. Even something as simple as interacting with our friends and family can require masks and social distancing.

How do we cope? Sometimes it’s as simple as just accepting that we can’t change the reality of our situation. The expression “it is what it is” is often said, but it bears truth: we can’t change what we can’t control. Sometimes it’s about controlling our emotions - there’s really nothing wrong with having a good cry now and then to release your frustrations with your life or the world around you.

The reality is, taking care of ourselves is perhaps the best thing you can do, for yourself, and for your relationship with others. Know your limits and boundaries, and be prepared to enforce them if people are trying to take advantage of you. Sometimes, that even means taking a step back from work or loved ones. It’s okay to be selfish and put yourself first!

Sometimes we just can’t handle everything on our own. And that’s okay too. Talking with friends or even (or perhaps especially) professionals is a perfectly viable outlet for emotions.

Remember, you’re never alone. If you or someone you love is facing suicidal thoughts or actions, please call 1-800-273-TALK(8255). Trained crisis counselors are available 24/7.

Take care of yourself. You’re the only you there is.

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