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MARC Keeps Zooming on Despite COVID-19

When COVID-19 recently closed jobs and made others work at home, the people we serve could have been lost in the shuffle.

With a vision and some hours over the weekend, MARC offered a new way to keep connected with its individuals just two days after closing its facilities. Daily Zoom sessions with topics ranging from Kelly's Coffee Mug Collection to a nightly Bedtime Story with Ashley frame the day now. Tablets and other devices have been loaned out to ensure that everyone who wants access can have it.

As reported in the CT Mirror last week, people like David R., who is part of the Project Search program at Goodwin University, was in the midst of his third internship when COVID-19 closed the campus. In the article, David's mother comments on how the MARC Zoom sessions are making a big difference in David's life, giving him a chance to maintain his friendships, develop new ones, and continue his personal growth.

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