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MARC Makes TIME For Art

MARC, Inc.’s Virtual Day Services is taking focus. Since the March 23rd launch as a response to the COVID-19 social distancing mandates that make it impossible for our participants to congregate at our locations on Sheldon Road, Virtual Day Services has grown into the new routine that our individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities need. It offers a way to socialize and check in with friends as well as providing opportunities for continued personal growth.

Lynn Damon is a professional photographic artist who happens to have a personal connection to MARC, Inc. of Manchester and she also serves on MARC’s Board of Directors. By way of MARC’s Virtual Day Services, Damon is leading a weekly online course teaching photography to MARC’s people-served. Each week, the students are given an assignment. One assignment was to take a picture and then the picture was copied to black and white so we can compare texture. Another assignment is to take a selfie. Students can use cameras, tablets or phones. Each assignment is then viewed by the group and Lynn leads an educational discussion.

Lynn Damon says “I enjoy sharing my love of photography and art with people. I’ve been teaching small groups for many years but teaching virtually has been a challenge for me because I love to interact with people in person. My MARC students have inspired me. They challenge me to teach and share on all different levels of learning. My favorite part of the class is listening to their comments and how proud they are of their creations. My goal is to share their images with the community either virtually or in a gallery. I look forward to the day we can be together to celebrate.”

When Tom M. expressed to the entire class how thankful he is for the technology that allows all of this to happen, Lynn took the opportunity to encourage everyone to think about "TIME" everyday.

Thankful - being thankful for Zoom and all the wonderful things MARC continues to do.

Inspiration - learning and seeing things that we normally wouldn't see. (Or take Lynn's class...that truly inspires us!)

Mindfulness - Think of peace, remember to breathe, meditate.

Exercise - With the opportunities MARC's Zoom sessions offer, we can go for walks, do yoga, and more. Just keep moving.

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