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If you have not already done so, download the ‘RemoteIntoMARCTS.rdp’ file you were e-mailed and remember where you’ve saved it. It’s easier if you save it to your Desktop. If you don't have or can't find this file, please open an IT ticket for more assistance.

Double click on the file and the following window should appear:

Note that next to “Domain:” it says marcct. If for some reason you do not see this here you will have to type marcct\ in front of your user name when signing in.

Type in your user name (what you use to log in to Windows) and password and hit ‘OK’.

If you get any warning message, just it ‘Connect’

You should now be logged in to MARCTS. You’ll be able to tell if there is a blue bar on the top of your screen that says ‘marcts’.

If this is your first time logging into MARCTS it may take a few minutes for your desktop to load. This desktop should function just like your current workstation with access to all of your files.

When finished with MARCTS, you may close the connection by on the ‘X’ on the blue bar at the top of your screen where it says ‘marcts’.

Click here to go back to the main work at home directory.

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