First, link your Zoom account to Gmail. 

Then in the Gmail calendar, select the date and time and create a meeting. In the instance there is a PRESENTER and a HOST, this is best done by the HOST.  The reason for this is the HOST has control to mute and unmute microphones.

Select either of the following as the Room: Zoom 1 / Zoom 2 / Zoom 3 / Zoom 4

When it’s time to start your meeting, the HOST shall log into and start from there. 

When the session is over, the HOST must END MEETING (lower right-hand corner of the video screen.)

HOST - Role is to start and end the meeting, monitor time and noise, control mics, take attendance. Attendance must be entered into MediSked. (If you do not have access to MediSked for notetaking, please speak to your supervisor or QA.)

PRESENTER - Simply leading the session, like a talk show host.

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